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Wedding Insurance Can Protect Your Special Day

One of the most exciting and wonderful features of summer is the inauguration of the busy wedding season. One of the most stressful features of summer is…also the inauguration of the busy wedding season.

Imagine this nightmarish, but not uncommon scenario: your carefully selected wedding photographer's camera is stolen - and all of your formal family wedding photos are gone with it. Would you be able to afford to recreate the photo session? Not many events come with the level of planning, detail, emotion, and anticipation of a marriage ceremony. And with the cost of the average U.S. wedding running over $25,000, make sure you are protected from the unexpected on your big day.

If you are planning a wedding, talk to your HUB International insurance broker about a policy designed to protect you in case of inclement weather, natural disaster, the bridal salon losing the wedding dress or the caterer backing out at the last minute. These latter types of interruptions are more common than you think. A March 2013 report from Travelers offers that "vendor problems resulted in the most frequent causes of wedding day mishaps for [our] customers, accounting for 24 percent of all wedding claims received."

Special event insurance, often referred to as wedding insurance, is designed to provide financial protection if you have to cancel or postpone a gathering due to adverse weather or natural disasters. Most policies provide coverage for cancellation due to the death, illness or serious injury of a key participant in the event, such as members of the immediate family. Also, if the minister, rabbi or key vendor does not show up, you can recover some of the costs.

Prices will vary depending on the extent of the coverage package you choose. 

Packages may include the following coverage options: 

  • General liability coverage (including host liquor liability) for up to three 24-hour periods
  • Wedding cancellation
  • Honeymoon cancellation
  • Lost deposits (for any booked goods and services not received)
  • Gowns and tuxedos - covered if the store goes out of business or clothing is damaged
  • Gifts - protection against theft or damage of presents received
  • Wedding cake or flower protection 
  • Rented property damages incurred during the wedding reception

Before purchasing wedding insurance, answer the following questions: 

  • Does your venue require liability insurance? If yes, most outside events are not covered under your homeowner's insurance policy.
  • How much will the policy cost, and how much reimbursement can you expect if a loss occurs?
  • What, specifically, is and is not covered by the policy?
  • Do you have coverage elsewhere through credit cards, warranties or through home, auto or liability or other insurance policies?

Talk to your HUB consultant to learn how wedding insurance can provide you with peace of mind, as well as protect your wedding investment.