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Protect Your Identity when shopping

Getting your holiday shopping done – both online and off -- may require some extra caution during the holidays. Do you know how to keep your identity safe from potential thieves?

Following are some quick tips to minimize your risk.

  • Write "Check Photo ID" on your credit card near your signature. This will remind cashiers to check your identity before processing.
  • Before buying anything online, make sure the site is secure. Secure sites will have "https" instead of "http" in the web address. 
  • Use different passwords for different websites. If a thief learns a single password, he or she will attempt to use it at many sites. Since many consumers save their credit card information on shopping sites, thieves can easily run up thousands of dollars in charges. 
  • Always review your credit card statements carefully to be sure that the charges are correct. Credit card companies only give consumers 60 days to dispute charges and they must be disputed in writing. 
  • Look into identity theft protection that provides you with preventive monitoring services as well as insurance coverage.