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HUB Takes Its Own Employee Wellness Program to the Next Level

HUB takes its own wellness program to the next level.

Our clients know we believe in the importance of improving employee health and productivity but many are not aware of HUB's own journey from wellness to a true culture of health. We share our story here on how we support our employees' personal health goals and achieve a measurable return on investment:

Two years after HUB International launched its first corporate wellness program in 2010, we realized that while the program raised awareness, it didn't create a real change in overall employee lifestyle or behavior. Medical claims were still on the rise. We needed to find a new approach - one that engaged and motivated employees. More than just a wellness program, we knew we needed to create a culture of health rooted in measurable benchmarks that demonstrated a value of investment and year over year benefit from employees and the larger organization.

The result was H3 - HUB Healthy Habits well-being strategy. Aimed at educating, activating and supporting employee engagement on a local level around total health and well-being, H3 encourages employees to put their ideas into action in their local work environment.

Since H3 began, we've seen that it takes about 21 months for a single risk among our staff to migrate to normal levels. H3 has brought us a real ROI as well - a 2:1 hard dollar return, with a medical trend of 2% on average for a five-year period. The initiative even inspired one Texas employee to lose 260 pounds - shedding her wheelchair and daily insulin injections. Thanks to H3, HUB was named one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America in 2015 by Healthiest Employers, an organization committed to driving health and wellness policies, practices and programs in the workforce.

Getting Personal: H3 delivers programs personalized to local markets

The HUB HR team knew that the top-down message of well being must be supported from the bottom-up in order to succeed. To do this, they took to the field, traveling to HUB offices across North America to find out what each facility needs to sustain an environment of health and well-being long term. The number one thing our employees wanted…a place to take a break and something healthy to do there. The result was a break space with balls, bands and light weights for many HUB locations.

“We’re finding that where we are more personal and hands-on, we see more staff changes and risks reduced,” said Deborah Deters, HUB CHRO. “The hope is that employees will take that step and make the healthy choice. Small, local awareness campaigns position our employees to make real changes.”

Creating a Culture of Health Across Your Organization

If your business is struggling to build a true culture of health that is rooted in benchmarks and year over year benefits, we invite you to learn more about health and performance: read the full Hub Healthy Habits case study. Contact a HUB employee benefits advisor to help your organization implement a health and performance program that’s right for your employees.