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Get Your Employees on the Road to Wellness

Rising healthcare costs and employee absenteeism are making wellness an increasingly important issue in the workplace.   If you've been struggling with how to get a wellness program started at your company, or if your current efforts seem to have stalled, HUB International can help you get your wellness program on the right path. 

Our new HUB Wellness GPS solution is designed to help you map a three-to-five year plan based on your company's objectives, employee demographics and budget.   This roadmap covers all facets of wellness and is designed to move your employee population through clearly defined stages:

Initial Awareness

Introduce your employees to activities and information that support fitness, nutrition and healthy habits on a consistent basis.

Active Engagement

Increase participation and engagement through incentives, plan design and targeted wellness initiatives.

Direct Accountability

Move employees to full accountability for their health through outcome-based incentives that, when combined with your own branded communication, foster a company-wide wellness culture.

Learn more by taking five minutes to complete the HUB Wellness GPS online assessment.    This complimentary assessment tool will plot your company's current location on the wellness spectrum and is the first step toward the development of a multi-year wellness strategy tailored to your company's specific needs.   

Partnering with HUB on your wellness strategy will enable you to consider not just the benefit costs but also expenses from workplace injuries, workers' compensation claims, presenteeism and absenteeism.  As an expert in group medical, disability, and workers' compensation insurance, HUB can provide a wide range of tools and resources to enable you to measure your wellness results against your workers' compensation and healthcare claim costs. 

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