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Create an Effective Risk Management Strategy with Clear Risk

A retail store owner meets with his HUB insurance broker to discuss the risks facing his business.  His HUB advisor asks a series of questions and enters the answers into an iPad. Within minutes, a risk map is created, providing a visual report that details the specific risks the business faces as well as what could be done to mitigate those risks.

Together, the owner and HUB advisor create a risk management plan tailored to the needs of this business.   As the year goes on, this strategic partnership - aided by the latest in technology - results in reduced claims, increased productivity and other benefits.

Thanks to an agreement between HUB International and ClearRisk, this retail store scenario is now a reality for HUB clients.  ClearRisk is a mapping tool that enables HUB International clients to develop an affordable risk management strategy.   It is available to businesses of all sizes to who want to get a better understanding of their potential exposure to accidents, property damage, natural disasters and other business interruptions.  

Using ClearRisk, your HUB advisor can map your risk before your eyes-providing you with a complete risk assessment in a clear, easy to visualize format. Once you've chosen the risk management strategy that's right for you, ClearRisk allows you to track your success by providing updates and performance reports.

Managing your organization's risk can require dozens of checklists, policies, forms and reports. Your HUB advisor can provide immediate access to over 1,400 pre-formed documents via ClearRisk that will save time and money.

An effective risk management strategy will help your organization reduce claims, exposures, incidents as well as insurance costs.  Contact your HUB insurance broker to learn how your business can benefit from ClearRisk.