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Prevent Data Breaches And Network Attacks With e Risk Hub

Cyber crime and identity theft continues to be among the fastest growing crimes in the United States.  According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), 414 breaches involving 23 million personal records were reported in 2011.  Without sufficient breach protection, you put your company and your clients at risk. 

The eRisk Hub® portal, powered by NetDiligence®, helps companies successfully manage data breaches, network attacks and other cyber events.  This web-based portal helps businesses understand cyber liability exposures, establish a response plan and minimize the effects of privacy breaches and other cyber events. It also provides immediate access to a Breach Coach in the event of an actual incident.

Key Features of the eRisk Hub Portal:

  • Incident Roadmap:  Includes suggested steps to take following a network or data breach incident as well as free consultation with a Breach Coach and access to a breach response team.
  • Learning Center:  Access best practices from leading practitioners in risk management, computer forensics, forensic accounting, crisis communications, legal counsel, and other highly-specialized segments of cyber risk.   
  • Risk Manager Tools:  Take a self-assessment to better understand your risk and research state breach notification laws.
  • eRisk Resources Directory:  Find external resources with expertise in pre- and post-breach disciplines. 

The eRisk Hub portal is an effective resource to aid in the prevention of network, cyber and privacy losses while supporting the timely reporting and recovery of losses if an incident occurs. 

In addition to this online resource, HUB provides a wide range of solutions to help you reduce your cyber risk. We can help you conduct a cyber risk assessment to identify your company's risk profile. We can also work with you to determine if cyber liability insurance is an appropriate option. HUB can tailor cyber liability insurance to meet your specific needs, be it network security, technology errors & omissions, or media and intellectual property protection. Coverage is affordable and available to both large and small businesses

Talk to your HUB broker to see if eRisk Hub® is an appropriate resource for your company.