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Are you Taking Advantage of Value-Added Services from your Insurance Carrier?

First in a series on how HUB clients can leverage value-added services from their insurance carrier.

Let's face it - insurance isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "cutting-edge technology."   But many of the leading insurance carriers represented by HUB International are changing that.

More and more insurers and technology companies are developing online tools and applications that enable companies to better manage risk and insurance.  Many of these tools are available to clients at no additional charge.

Following are examples of the value-added resources offered to HUB clients who are insured by Zurich:   

Virtual Consulting

This proprietary, web-based risk management tool provides data-driven insights into loss exposures such as electrical fire, vandalism and product liability.  Virtual Consulting offers specific loss-control best practices and resources to help you control and reduce these exposures to specific risks.

Business Interruption Coverage Calculator

The BI Coverage Calculator was built to reduce the guesswork and variability involved in evaluating business interruption exposures and calculating coverage needs.

Multinational Insurance Application (MIA)

What if you have to insure a location in a country most people have never heard of before?  No problem!  You can get help with your questions when you access Zurich MIA, a database that tracks insurance regulatory and premium tax information for over 180 countries. The data helps you avoid a host of potential complications that can cause claims delays, additional tax liabilities, fines, and even voided coverages.  The mobile application is the proud winner of the 2012 Business Insurance Innovation Award.  Visit to learn more.

Zurich Risk Room

It's a risky world, and not always in ways that can be anticipated. Could a water shortage in Africa cause social unrest, shutting down a supply chain of materials needed by your company?  The Zurich Risk Room gives you a powerful, online tool to help you better understand the complex interrelationships of up to 70 individual economic, political, social, environmental and technological risks affecting over 150 countries.  Visit   A new iPad version of the Zurich Risk Room demonstrates what the full version can do using several pre-set data and risk scenarios. Get it in the Apple iPad store as a FREE download.

Risk Engineering Accident Review Tool

What if you had an easy way to record accident facts onsite while everyone's memories were still fresh?  You can with Zurich's Risk Engineering Accident Review tool - winner of a 2012 RIMS Arthur Quern Quality Award.  This new App is designed for hand-held devices such as iPads or BlackBerries, enabling the capture and storage of data for later use in investigating and expediting the claim.

Want to learn more? 

Having access to timely information and expert advice is an important part of managing risk and controlling losses in your workplace.  Be sure to talk to your HUB advisor to learn about the resources available to you from both your insurance carrier as well as from internal experts at HUB.  The HUB Risk Services Division offers a wide range of services including consultation, risk management information systems, on-demand webinars and access to a wide array of web-based training programs at preferred discounts for HUB clients.